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All about the (Brown) Rice How much do you know about the staple food? Rice prices are rising. Well, that is probably the latest news in town. However what else do you know about the white bits that you consumed almost everyday. In this issue, Physique 360 is going to explore the two main types of rice, focusing on the benefits of eating brown rice.

Do you know the main differences of Brown and White Rice?
Brown Rice White Rice

Brown-coloured bran intact. Only the outermost “hull” is removed from the grain.

Brown-coloured bran removed for fluffiness and faster cooking time. Rice is usually processed and polished.

3.5 grams more fiber than white rice (daily recommended intake is 25-38)


Nutrients like magnesium, manganese, and zinc are intact.

Reduced level of the nutrients but fortified with iron and some vitamin B


Weight Loss