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karenbefore.jpgkaren_after.jpgKaren, a mother of 2 has tried various ways to loss weight from dieting to going to slimming centres but without much result. Based on Karen’s initial fitness consultation with me, I noted that she has problem controlling her daily diet. Thus, to increase the effectiveness and expedite results, I encourage her to start off 3 times per week of personal training with me, and consult our medical consultant, Dr Low with regards to her eating habits. With her determination and consistency, Karen managed to loss closed to 14kg and lost 9.5% body fat and a total of 29.7” off her in the past 6 months.

Good job, Karen…… you have showed that nothing is impossible!

- Caroline



Karen Quah


Anna Champion PDF Print E-mail

I've never had any issues with motivation for fitness (in fact I'm one of those annoying people who loves exercise) but having been told to rest most of my pregnancy and then going through a c-section I was keen to find someone who would ensure that I was training correctly. I chose Caroline as a trainer as I felt very confident in her ability and she was easy to talk to.

I hoped that I would be able to return to my pre-pregnancy weight with the help of a personal trainer but Caroline helped me to go further than that! Within 6 months of training twice a week I was thinner than ever before. I lost inches on my hips (always a problem zone), toned my arms and was down to a US size 0.

I really enjoyed the training sessions and definitely benefitted from the massage at the end (even if it hurt at the time afterwards I always felt invigorated!)

I'm very grateful for the speed of turnaround and delighted with the results. I am happy to recommend Caroline to anyone as long as she doesn't get too busy that she can't fit me in!



Anna Champion

Human Resource & First Time Mummy

Lim Soon Jin PDF Print E-mail

Caroline has been my personal trainer for over 4+ years.  The results I have achieved are largely due to her perfect combination of balanced training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and especially her clients are really what set her apart from others in the business and help her clients establish foundations for a healthier lifestyle!

Lim Soon Jin


Joeri Gianotten PDF Print E-mail
2b.jpgI have been trying to lose weight for so many years. Caroline really made a difference when she took an interest in my everyday life like eating habits and lifestyle.

This combined with her challenging trainings helped me lost 9KG in three months.

Currently, I am doing maintenance training with both Caroline and Daryl.

Daryl is a “no-nonsense” trainer. He is result-oriented, motivating and creative.

I would highly recommend Daryl and Caroline if you wish to have a fun yet challenging workout.
Most importantly, you get the results you want!

Joeri Gianotten
Business Development Manager

Internet Solution Company
Colin Choo PDF Print E-mail
1a.jpgI have always wanted to lose weight but never have the discipline to do so. So when Caroline joined our BNI Chapter as a Personal Trainer in September, I took the courage to commit myself to 10 sessions of personal trainings.

I was not looking forward to the first training as I have always dreaded physical exercise. But I was pleasantly surprise with Caroline's professionalism and patience; I actually found my session enjoyable and was looking forward for my next one!

After 30 sessions of training, I have lost 6 kgs and 10% of my body fat!

When Caroline said "If you can commit, I will guarantee results", she was not joking!

She was my dream come true for my weight lost program that took me 20 years to find.
Thanks a million, Caroline! You go, girl!!!

Colin Choo
Managing Director

Turbo Print Pte Ltd

Weight Loss