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Physique 360 was founded by husband and wife team, Daryl and Caroline. As parents of 2 boys 19 and 17, we strongly believe that one must first take good care of ourselves before taking care of our loved-ones.


At Physique 360, we strive to create awareness and educate on the importance of healthy living, proper nutrition and exercises through honest, quality, safe and result orientated personalised fitness programmes.


We are committed in bringing about realistic and gradual changes in people's lives that will result in healthier habits, positive attitude and physical well being for life, that is, having not only a beautiful body but 360 degrees overall wellness. 


- Incoporate fitness into lifestyle

- Customised programs leading to fitness

Overall Wellness

- Not just looking good but feeling GREAT for life

P  ersonal Training Session

H abit Cultivating

Y ounger Body

S elf-Confidence

I ndividual Fitness Programme

Q uality Trainings

U litmate Results

E xclusivity

3 Workout Weekly

6 Small Meals Daily

0 to 360. 360 Degrees of Fitness Transformation

Our Philosophy:

If You Can Commit, We Can Guarantee Results!


Weight Loss