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pregnant.jpgPre-/Post-Natal One-to-One Personal Training

Exercise during pregnancy can help prepare mothers-to-be for labour and childbirth.  Exercising after childbirth can help you get back in shape. Below are some benefits you could gain when you enroll for a Pre- & Post-Natal Exercise Programme:

- Helps ease varicose veins, as it improves blood circulation
- Helps you maintain healthy posture, thus, preventing associated pains during pregnancy
- Improving your endurance to prepare you for labour
- Strengthening of your abdominal, back and pelvic regions to prepare for your afterbirth chores
- Avoidance of excess weight gain
- Better image and self-esteem
& many more……

Feel free to consult Caroline, our Pre-/Post-Natal specialist for a programme that suits you.









teens_medball.jpgHealthy Kids & Teens Programme

Many children in the developed countries are overweight and that number is growing.  Obesity in children is a problem because health issues often arise.  Overweight children suffer from diabetes and heart disease and these problems often carry over into adulthood.

At Physique 360, we have one-to-one personal training for kids and teens, as well as classes for parents and their children.  When you exercise with your child you will be spending time together, as well as supporting the fitness habit.

Beside weight management, children who undergo Fitness Training would reap the following benefits as well:

Improves self-esteem and confidence
Improves in coordination and ability to accomplish any task
Better concentration in studies
Better health and strength
Prevention from injuries
Many more ……

Our trainers can help determine what your child is capable of and teach your child how to exercise safely, effectively and, most importantly, how to have some fun so these habits stick through adulthood.










Senior Wellness Programme

The desire for optimal health as we age - to be functionally-able for as long as possible.  Research shows that for many aging individuals, participation in health programs helps slow down the aging process and promotes independence.  This helps improve their emotional, social, intellectual, physical, spiritual and vocational aspect of life.




Weight Loss