Colin Choo
1a.jpgI have always wanted to lose weight but never have the discipline to do so. So when Caroline joined our BNI Chapter as a Personal Trainer in September, I took the courage to commit myself to 10 sessions of personal trainings.

I was not looking forward to the first training as I have always dreaded physical exercise. But I was pleasantly surprise with Caroline's professionalism and patience; I actually found my session enjoyable and was looking forward for my next one!

After 30 sessions of training, I have lost 6 kgs and 10% of my body fat!

When Caroline said "If you can commit, I will guarantee results", she was not joking!

She was my dream come true for my weight lost program that took me 20 years to find.
Thanks a million, Caroline! You go, girl!!!

Colin Choo
Managing Director

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