Anna Champion

I've never had any issues with motivation for fitness (in fact I'm one of those annoying people who loves exercise) but having been told to rest most of my pregnancy and then going through a c-section I was keen to find someone who would ensure that I was training correctly. I chose Caroline as a trainer as I felt very confident in her ability and she was easy to talk to.

I hoped that I would be able to return to my pre-pregnancy weight with the help of a personal trainer but Caroline helped me to go further than that! Within 6 months of training twice a week I was thinner than ever before. I lost inches on my hips (always a problem zone), toned my arms and was down to a US size 0.

I really enjoyed the training sessions and definitely benefitted from the massage at the end (even if it hurt at the time afterwards I always felt invigorated!)

I'm very grateful for the speed of turnaround and delighted with the results. I am happy to recommend Caroline to anyone as long as she doesn't get too busy that she can't fit me in!



Anna Champion

Human Resource & First Time Mummy